we back entrepreneurs

Our commitment goes beyond the required capital infusion. We team up with founders to help  them carry their vision toward product-market fit and leadership.


Seed and follow-on rounds. Preference for products that have been in the market for a few months and demonstrate sticky customers and competitive advantage.

Obsessed Teams

We invest in entrepreneurs obsessed with solving big problems. Founders, who will change existing industries or create new ones through their vision and execution.

Multiple Categories

We are sector agnostic. But prefer ideas in logistics, proptech, agriculture, commerce, education, health & fitness, fintech, IoT and cybersecurity.

Active Support

We work for our founders as our success hinges on their success. We bring to bear our decades of business relationships and dedicated team in the US and Europe.


We are hands-on and ready to help entrepreneurs execute leveraging our dedicated team in the US and Europe for talent recruitment, business development and crossborder expansion.

We’re always seeking new opportunities — we’d like to discuss how we can help you.

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